DS Kane is the name I’ve chosen to write under. I worked in the field of covert intelligence for over a decade. During that time, my cover was my real name, and I was on the faculty of NYU’s Stern Graduate School of Business. I traveled globally for clients including government and military agencies, the largest banks, and Fortune 100 corporations, and while in-country, I did side jobs for our government. One of the banks I investigated housed the banking assets of many of the world’s intelligence agencies and secret police forces, including the CIA and NSA. Much of my work product was pure but believable fiction, lies I told, and truths I concealed. Secrets that—if revealed—might have gotten me killed. When my cover got blown, I fled the field and moved 3,000 miles.

Now, I’m a former spy, still writing fiction. Through my novels, I expose the way intelligence agencies craft fiction for sale to sway their countries and manipulate their national policy, driving countries into dangerous conflicts.

I’ve been published under my real name many times in financial trade journals on topics including global banking, computer fraud and countermeasures, financial forecasting, global electronic-funds transfer networks, and corporate finance, including one book on finance published by a major publisher. I’ve been a featured speaker at financial conferences and conventions. My children’s book, A Teenager’s Guide to Money, Banking and Finance, was published in 1987 by Simon & Schuster. I was once the CEO of an ebook publishing company.

I’ve been adjunct faculty at the Whidbey Island MFA program, and also teach a course at the Muse Online Writers Conference entitled Covert Training and Covert Operations for Fiction Writers, and taught one on a similar topic at California libraries, funded by a federal grant. I’ve taught a thriller-writing course at the Pikes Peak Writers Conference and was a featured speaker at a dinner meeting of the California Writers Club. I taught finance at the Stern Graduate Business School of New York University for over ten years, and am one of the co-founders of, a unique email-based novelists’ critique group.

A globe-trotting spy thriller dense with intriguing insider’s knowledge.
Kirkus Reviews

Readers who adore action-packed thrillers in the vein of Robert Ludlum's Bourne series will enjoy its many double-crossings.
Kirkus Reviews

The high stakes and dizzily paced action will hook genre fans from the first page.
Kirkus Reviews

Nonstop action and suspense starring the definition of a strong female lead.
Kirkus Reviews

More wild, violent adventures in the world of international espionage.
Kirkus Reviews

An addictive fictional world…. The latest adventure in a series that only grows more engaging with each installment.
Kirkus Reviews

DS Kane, without a doubt, is a great storyteller. [He] does a wonderful job of fictionalizing the crossroads of politics, technology and national security in an entertaining plot.
Mystery Tribune

Kane's sharp prose moves the narrative along quickly and leaves no room for dull moments…. A fast-paced thriller with an empowered young female protagonist.
Kirkus Reviews

Very well written, as are all the series books…. There is plenty of science, science fiction, and fantasy. The characters are very well written and the action is fast and furious. A very exciting book.
—Amazon 5-star review

This author continues to deliver. A great read and a fast pace that you will find hard to put down. Action packed and a pleasure to read.
—Amazon 5-star review