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I‘ve spoken at many writers conferences, including the Maui Writers Conference (keynote two times, on “The Future of Publishing and ebooks”), The Pikes Peak Writers Conference (on “True Lies—Writing Covert Training and Missions into Fiction”). The Muse Online Writers Conference, and the ActFourWriters Workshop. I have taught several fiction writing courses at the Salinas Public Library.

I have been published in non-fiction on computer fraud and countermeasures, banking, economics, econometric forecasting and finance topics. Most recently, I was published in Writer’s Vision on the topic, “Using Screenwriting Tools to Plot Your Novel.” I am available for “Help a Reporter Out.”

I am available for conference sessions and courses in writing fiction, especially thrillers. To arrange, contact me via email at

I was the keynote speaker for dinner at the at Central Coast branch of the California Writers Club, on June 21, 2011 at the Casa Munras Hotel in Monterey, CA. My topic was: “Write What You Know—How it’s Different for Former Spies.”

At the Whidbey Island Low Residency MFA in Creative Writing, August 17 (Wednesday) thru 19 (Friday), 2011, Andrea Brown, President of the Andrea Brown Literary Agency and I were on a panel discussing “The Future of Publishing” from two perspectives, literary agent and writer.

I presented a session at the Muse Online Writers Conference in October 2013 for the fifth year in a row. It’s called “True Lies—Writing Covert Training and Missions into Fiction.”

Here’s the handout for my sessions on writing thrillers. Feel free to use it. Note that the handout is copyrighted and may become the outline for a new book on that topic.