Book 8 in the Spies Lie series

When Stanford University sophomore and budding computer hacker Ann Sashakovich meets senior Glen Sarkov, the CEO of a budding new startup, she is smitten. Glen is young, bright, and going places, and his innovative tech startup is seeking money to get them off the ground. But when Glen and his team find a venture capitalist willing to give them money, the offer turns out too good to be true. Worse, it seems the strings attached to the funding are tangled in a conspiracy deadlier than they can imagine…

Meanwhile, the world’s intelligence services have all been looking for a less-obvious way to fund weapons development, reaching out to entrepreneurs to help them create new tech. When they find tech capable of being weaponized, they have the creators murdered before taking control of the company for their own use. Now the lives of hundreds of the world’s brightest entrepreneurs hang in the balance, and Glen Sarkov is next on the list to die. Can Ann, Cassandra Sashakovich, and Jon Sommers figure out who at the CIA is ordering these killings, or will the CIA’s contract assassins wipe them off the Earth?

Kane’s sharp prose moves the narrative along quickly and leaves no room for dull moments…. A fast-paced thriller with an empowered young female protagonist.
Kirkus Reviews

It’s like Jason Bourne on steroids and injected with nano-bots…. Kane’s writing is taut and fast, riveting the attention and drawing the reader into into the non-stop series twists and turns.
—Amazon 5-star review