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Book 8 in the Spies Lie series

I'm a former spy, still telling lies. When I was active, I learned things I can never tell anyone. And, I lied to cover my tracks, just like any covert operative who fears discovery. DS Kane is a pseudonym for my fiction. My real name is... ah, err, I can't tell you or I'd have to....

I still write a bit of non-fiction now, including occasional columns at the Huffington Post and Writer's Insight, but most of my work these days is fiction. After all, when I worked for an intelligence service, that's what we all did. If only the bureaucrats knew. As family friend and NY Times bestselling thriller author Barry Eisler says, "The CIA is the post office with spies." My own little addition would be, "The business of spying is concealing truths and spreading lies."


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